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Sunshine and plenty of wind for Coila Lake Sailing - Nov 12th report

Sunshine and plenty of wind from the north-east greeted the sailors at Coila Lake on Sunday 12 November, much like the previous fortnight.

As well as a new Laser Lily (Richard Dreverman), three boats from past seasons were welcomed back for their first outing for 2017-8: Koolkat (Alison Philip), Obnoxious (Thomas Schild) and Lightning (with new owner Greg Sparrius)

Two races were held, and in Division 1 both races developed into tussles between Chili (Anna and Ben Woolnough) and Knockout (Rob Currall) for line honours. The faster boat Knockout would take the lead but some mishap would then let Chili through to hit the front. Meanwhile the larger, slower Tradewind (Allan Rees and Dave Gibson) was sailing consistently and very competitively despite a rigging problem which prevented them from using their spinnaker.

Above: Rob Currall on Knockout prepares to round a mark After adjustment of times for the boats’ yardsticks and the crews’ performance factors, results were:

Race 1 on Yardstick: (1) Chili (2) Koolkat (3) Tradewind

Race 1 on Performance Handicap: (1) Chili (2) Koolkat (3) Lightning

Race 2 on Yardstick: (1) Chili (2) Tradewind (3) Koolkat

Race 2 on Performance Handicap: (1) Chili (2) Koolkat (3) Knockout

In Division 2, Lily sailed faultlessly and, like Chili, scored a clean sweep of all categories in both races.

Next racing day will be Sunday 26 November; for the full programme see website

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