Liberals condone Manus standoff

Dear Beagle Editor and Member for Gilmore Ann Sudmalis,

The world is now looking at Manus Island and sees this as DISGUSTING. You, Ms Sudmalis, as a supporter of your government are personally responsible for the situation and also the consequences. Today Federal Greens MP Adam Bandt has labelled Immigration Minister Peter Dutton a "terrorist" at a rally in Melbourne protesting against the treatment of men who remain on Manus Island. A "terrorist" is a nice term for a scum sucking mongrel lowlife ar$#*lE that you support. Today the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights demanded services be restored to centre. It is reported that "The men have said they fear they will be subjected to violence at the hands of locals if they leave the compound — and, given there have been violent incidents in the past, we believe these fears should be respected and satisfactorily addressed." "Australia and PNG were responsible under international human rights law and the 1951 Refugee Convention, to protect the men from harm and ensure they had access to shelter, water, food and sanitation." Ann Sudmalis said in 2015 on Asylum Seekers "I am a proud member of a coalition government that shows compassion and responsibility. "In times of crisis, the Gilmore community have shown their strength and commitment to help others. "In terms of international crisis, the government has decided to assist 12,000 Syrian refugees to settle in Australia. Already people in Gilmore have offered to help them to become part of our community. Our first local information session will take place tomorrow, and there are dozens of residents eager to help. "Apart from being a politician, I am also a Rotarian" This Rotarian statement disgusts me - your government are the lowest of the low, scum sucking doesn't even get close. and to claim you are a Rotarian yet endorse the actions of Peter Dutton you will be measured for that “If the definition of terror is to use violence and threaten people’s lives for political purposes, then Peter Dutton is a terrorist,” Bandt said today.

You, Ann Sudmals MP for Gilmore, are painted with this brush for also endorsing your governments actions. That will be remembered as the world calls your actions disgusting as they are. Take this personally. You personally condone it by voting for it. Get some cred and please say NOOOOOOOO !!!! No more, NOT IN MY NAME or in the name of my electorate. If you don't then - Shame on you and shame on Australia. Name and address supplied

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