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Bullying and outcasting are the new norm in council

The Editor

Our local council is bordering on being completely dysfunctional. Some of the councillors are beginning to develop power or control blocs and using these blocs in an attempt to intimidate those who question them. It is now becoming very clear where the power blocs are and who is tied to who. We have recently seen the evidence of this when Councillor Lindsay Brown was revealed as making mobile phone contact with Councillor Jack Tait during a council meeting where, embarrassingly for the pair of them jack's phone rang loud and Jack looked at his screen and then directly at Lindsay. It is well known that both Councillors McGinlay and Constable have been castigated for their open approach to the community and their questioning approach to council staff. It is also well known that they have been intimidated into submission with actions that indicate it would be advantageous for them to change their stye and "come on board" where things are best dealt with behind closed doors and the less the great unwashed know the better. Councillors are elected by the community as the communities representatives in their affairs being managed by the Council. It is another day at the pig trough for the old councillors who know that being a councillor comes with benefits, if not of "prestige" then with the bonus junkets and freebies of office. They have long become disinterested in the community and are quite happy to best represent themselves in what ever way they can benefit. It is also clear that a few of the new power bloc councillors don’t see the community as important instead using any opportunity to take advantage of the shires residents financial input into the council operations for their own person benefit; or is it survival and “greed” ?

Gradually the majority of the present councillors are being exposed for being ineffective as productive community elected representatives and for toeing the bureaucratic line for self interest opportunities. But attempting to isolate their colleagues in productive community benefit out comes is very sick. We saw this happen in the last Council with a power bloc set up against the ERA, after the ERA bloc of four collapsed a new bloc formed that saw bullying, misogyny and spitefulness. So far we have only seen the bullying and spitefulness.

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