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The bridge stuck up, emergency response questions and an appeal to write a letter

Dear Beagle Editor, There has been some discussion about possibly stationing an ambulance on the northern side of the bridge when the BB Bridge is lifted. Here is some interesting information related to our ambos. For a start, the ambos cover a much larger range than I realised - they sometimes transport patients to other hospitals and in winter they give support in the snow fields - and they don't have as many paramedics now, as they reportedly did in 2012. Secondly, there are only two shifts (no overnight shift) - so overnight, the entire Batemans Bay area relies on Ulladulla in an emergency such as a stroke patient (that is a real worry given statistically, stroke and heart attack is more prevalent in very early hours of the morning). Thirdly, each day, the ambos do at least two return trips to Moruya, taking patients there for CT scans. Travel time and waiting for patients effectively takes them out of the loop for potentially serious paramedic demands for between 30% of a shift (or more). Why there is not a CT scanner at Batemans Bay I do not know - as it would make our limited paramedics available for actual emergencies! 😱 Yes - I know the CT scanner would cost money and Bay staff would need training in it but "hello". Lastly, choppers need a 30m exclusion zone and clear approach for a safe landing (now that's a whole other issue re the PROPER helipad that we ratepayers had till recently and has now been moved to bare dirt (instead of concrete) with no lights and no wind flag....it's a genuine OH&S risk for our precious ambos when they are trying to get a patient on/off a chopper! They can't keep cutting staff AND equipment and deliver the decent health outcomes!! The Minister responsible for this ambo stuff is Brad Hazzard - NSW Minister for Health. If you are angry about this, START WRITING! HERE: https://www.nsw.gov.au/your-government/ministers/minister-for-health-and-minister-for-medical-research/ Kylie Clarke Editors Note: The above actions of NSW Ambulance operations has NOT been verified by The Beagle however we take Kylie on her word that her enquiries that led to her letter above are recent and representative of direct discussions with ambulance crews. Ambulance spokesfolk are most welcome to offer clarification in the comments below or by separate statement for publication.

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