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How many rate payers have taken the time to look at the Draft Recreation and Open Space Strategy known commonly as the ROSS Report. I have just had a quick flick through this report and if anyone is looking for something that will immediately put you off to sleep may I suggest that you obtain a copy of this report .

Something stood out to me when I reached Page 73. There was a mention of Rotary Park stating "play opportunity upgrades are required at Rotary Park" and yet when I flicked back to page 68/69 Rotary Park is NOT in the parks listed in this report. In a phone call to Council this morning I confirmed what I already thought and that is Rotary Park no longer exists !! as this was "done away with" when the premises now occupied by JJ's at the Marina was erected, and if you remember, nearby the relocated town emergency Heli Pad that is now in its third year of being "temporarily" moved to Mackay Park footy oval..

I then flicked to Page 155: M26 states upgrade the play at Rotary Park (Batemans Bay) to a local recreation standard - indicative cost $30,000.00, WHAT THA, $30,000.00 to be spent on a park that does not exist. Current Open Space Strategy: Spinnakers Reach Park § Future development of Batemans Bay Marina will render play equipment at this location obsolete Latest Draft ROSS: Play opportunity upgrades are, however, required for Rotary Park. A swing set is the only play equipment currently available there. Being located approximately 700m from a section of Batemans Bay residential area (near Pacific Street), Rotary Park acts as a local recreation park for those residents. Simple upgrades are required to raise the play to a local recreation standard. How can any rate payer of this shire take this report seriously, what are we paying for, a submission that is incorrect and I have only just scratched one surface, what have we elected our councilors for?

This submission surely what have gone to a council briefing, obviously none of our Councillors have picked this up otherwise it would have been corrected before it went out to submission and as we all know the Councillors are the ones who voted for it to go out to submission. What about our highly paid GM and Directors have they even read it, what are we paying ALL of them for? It would interesting to compare the last ROSS report with this one to see if it is just a duplication, has someone just pushed the button on print for this 2017 version. And why on earth was this report about recreation needs and plans outsourced to a Queensland company. Has Queensland become the new outsourcing place for all of Eurobodalla's reports? DISGUSTED

Name and address supplied Editors Note: The ROSS identifies the CF012 (page 121) Tuross Head Progress Hall as still a recreation asset in community ownership though this property was demolished and sold by Council two years ago.

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