It all rests squarely on the Councillor's shoulders

The Beagle Editor,

There has been significant amounts written and published about Council; not just lately but fairly regularly over the last year. Many writers have had a real slap at council about their own dissatisfactions with “Council” on various serious issues and matters. Council is the Elected Councillors that we voters elected to represent us all in the Council Chambers, presenting our ideas and representing our preferences. Councillors are elected. Once elected they are able to perform certain functions on behalf of the community who elected them. They are granted, under the State Governments delegated authority and legislative requirements various authorities. Councillors, once elected then re-delegate those State Governments authorities to the General Manager along with any authorities in council's own local policies in accordance with the requirements of the legislation regulating NSW Local Councils. The General Manager then passes some of those delegations down to staff. What this actually means is if the the community believe Council is not performing or delivering to their expectations then IT IS the Councillors, all of them and the Mayor, who are responsible because they delegated ( our ) authority and trust in to the General Manager and her staff to perform on our behalf.

It’s the elected Councillors who need to better understand their responsibilities to the shires residents. If things aren’t working properly it’s the elected councillors responsibility to fix whatever the problem is and respect the residents of the Shire at the same time. It is time that the Councillors remembered why they stood and who they actually respresent.

Allan Brown


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