Six months of beach restrictions for dogs in Eurobodalla start soon. Have your say

Dear Beagle Editor and fellow dog lovers. The harsh restrictions on taking your dog to a Eurobodalla beach will start again at the end of this month and will last for SIX months!!! I have just sent my email to Council in response to the draft “Recreational and Open Space Strategy” (see copy below) which is a key strategy that affects our ability to enjoy the Eurobodalla Beaches with our dogs. PLEASE cut/paste/edit as you wish from the letter below and email to the Eurobodalla Council addresses shown. Every individual, personal email, WILL make a difference!! _______________________________________________________;;;;;;;;;, _______________________________________________________

Dear Dr Dale, Mayor Innes, and all Councillors of the Eurobodalla Shire Council,

I wish to make a submission on the Recreational and Open Spaces Strategy currently on public exhibition.

I noted the following statistics from the draft strategy: • P99. The third highest barrier to using open spaces in the Eurobodalla was “visitors can not take their dogs. • P177. 50.7% of respondents value a place to exercise and 35.7% valued being able to take their dog to open spaces. • P176. 42.7% of people said they take their dog when they visit an open space • P175. 83.4% of people said they recreate or play sport at the beach. • P174. 67.1% of people participate in walking in open spaces • P10. Interestingly, places to take one’s dog was consistently mentioned throughout the community engagement process. One in three respondents liked that they could take their dog with them when visiting open space, while a quarter said that there were limited places to take their dog. This trend remained consistent across most planning areas. Attendees at the workshops believed that there should be more dog-friendly places, however, many were in disagreement if they should be fenced, unfenced, off-leash and/or on-leash. Support for Council’s timeshare was also divided.

I am astonished and extremely disappointed that this strategy seems to have failed to join the dots given these statistical findings by consultants. I noticed there are NO priority actions reflecting the above even though it is very clear that people of the Eurobodalla want increased opportunity to walk their dogs on the beach. This MUST change to truly reflect the wishes of the people, as reflected in the research and workshops.

Therefore, I respectfully ask that the Eurobodalla Shire Council change the timeshare restrictions dates for dogs on beaches, to Easter holidays and from 1 December to 31st January, to reflect the only period heavy use of Eurobodalla beaches.

Yours Sincerely

Your name Suburb and Postcode Feel free to sign the online petition at HERE. We have 1200 signatures already. PETITION: Change time-share restrictions for dogs on Eurobodalla beaches to NSW School Holidays ONLY The Eurobodalla Shire Council (ESC) has time sharing arrangements in place for dogs on allocated beaches in the Shire. These time share arrangements CURRENTLY mean that for those beaches, dogs are prohibited between 1st November to 30th April from 9am to 5pm. That's 6 months of the year!! We understand that Council want time share arrangements during "peak periods". However, all residents know that when NSW schools are 'in', beaches really have very little use. Peak periods for beach use is really ONLY during summer school holidays. We believe the current restrictions are excessive and do NOT serve the ageing rate paying, VOTING, residents of the Shire, many of whom have mobility issues that make walking during anything other than low tide, very difficult, if not impossible. It also does not serve busy parents or an increasing number of shiftworkers with dogs. Restrictions for 6 LONG months of the year is just a NOT fair go.

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