Cut and Paste - or maybe NOT

The Beagle Editor,

The ESC Council meeting agenda for next Tuesday September 26 is worth a read particularly the Delegates Report on a roads congress. It’s understood the delegates – councillors who attended had no hand in writing the report, staff did it all with a lot of Cut and Paste as they do these days.

Ask the two councillors who attended the so called congress what part of the report they actually wrote !

Innocent screwed ratepayer and resident. Editors Note: The Beagle respects that Letters to the Editor are as a result of frustration or a lack of communication by Council. The Beagle strongly believes that a ratepayers perception is their TRUTH and that quite often Letters or opinions are based on perceptions simply because Council has not been forthcoming with real information. In this instance however the author of the letter said "staff did it all with a lot of Cut and Paste as they do these days." In fairness to Council staff we investigated this and found the Cut and Paste accusation UNFOUNDED. Yes, there were primary elements of the 2016 and 2017 reports that were exactly the same (Coloured RED) and similar (Coloured MAUVE) however to anyone comparing the two the fat, the content, the message and the report of the congress is NOT Cut and paste and is in fact interesting and informative.

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