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The final motion regarding the BBay Pool grant submission.

To members of the public gallery and to those watching the Extraordinary Meeting of Eurobodalla Shire Council in regards to the determining an action to proceed with applying for a grant for the Batemans Bay Aquatics Centre and performance space being live streamed on August 29th, 2017 you may have noted that an additional line item was added to the motion as written in the published agenda. Though the additional element was displayed on the the screens in the chamber during discussions it was barely legible to those in the gallery and was not transmitted as part of the live feed. Many in the gallery were perplexed by what the addition was understanding understanding that it appeared to have something to do with the adjacent old Bowling club site. There were quiet and rumbles of disapproval that once again Council had changed a published motion just before a meeting giving the public no opportunity to speak to the newly added element in Public Forum. For those Beagle readers who would like the opportunity to read in detail the adopted motion. The final and adopted motion including Councillor Pollock's addition of Part 5 is as follows:

THAT: 1. Council endorse option 1, being the development of a regional aquatic centre, arts and cultural facility and gateway visitor centre, on the southern part of the Batemans Bay Mackay Park precinct for the purpose of seeking grant funding to construct the facility. 2. Council endorse option 1 to inform the detailed planning and design process for the precinct, and to inform the process of seeking to establish a public private partnership, or other procurement process, for the development of the northern part of the precinct. 3. In the detailed planning and design process for the aquatic centre and arts and cultural facility, Council consider the potential to expand the facility, if and when, needed into the future. 4. Council develop a process to ensure ongoing engagement with the community throughout the design and development phases of the facility. 5. Council make a decision on the potential demolition of the former Batemans Bay Bowling Club building once a decision is made on the development of the Mackay Park Precinct. 6. Council thank the members of the Sunset Committee for their work to date in assisting with the early planning stages of the project.

Thank you to the Eurobodalla Council communications team for providing the wording of the final motion on our request

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