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Where are the off ramps

Dear Beagle Editor,

Thank you for putting up the diagram of the new bridge location. The first thing I thought about when I looked at it was where are the ramps. How I get to the boatramp and oystersheds in Clyde Street West. I assume there will be an off ramp. If it is going to be a four lane bridge I image that when I pull the boat out of the water I will have to drive under the bridge and up a ramp to head home to Tomakin. Sometimes I drive through town. Will there be slip road under the bridge? Will there be an off ramp from the bridge for south bound traffic going along the front past the park and up Orient Street. Will be buses coming off the bridge into Clyde Street because they can't go down North Street and then turn around. Town planners might have a rough idea that they totally cocked up the Batemans Bay bus terminal that was meant to be at the end of Stocklands where the apartments are now. What they now have is a huge stuff up and no where to move the buses to so there goes their idea of a pedestrian mall in Orient Street. But that idea was set to fail right back when the Post Office told Council to p*ss off for stuffing up their deliveries by semitrailer and Zorbas and Mariners said no way when the colouring in experts said they wanted to ban cars in the new pedestrian mall. Nothings changed in twenty years. What about the other side of the bridge?. How do you get to Wharf Road? Head north and then chuck a U'ee at the roundabout? Will there be an off ramp for Wharf Road heading south and will they put an on-ramp as well? And what if you want to leave Wharf Road and go north. Under the bridge or all the way back through suburbia and out via Penninsular Drive? Heard about rumbles to pull up the grass park between the Boatshed Takeaway and the war memorial to make it all parking again. Any councillor suggesting that needs to have a good long think about their political future in Batemans Bay.

Above: ramps added to location diagram as understood/referred to in letter above. Name and address supplied

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