ReTHINK the demolition of Batemans Bay Bridge

Dear Beagle Editor, It is now or never for the community to come together to indicate its support for the retention of the Batemans Bay bridge. The community as a whole should accept the new bridge to start construction in 2018. Many locals have indicated that the existing bridge should be retained and utilised by the community. Suggested uses cover a wide range of uses from a restaurant/coffee shop, tourist uses, markets, functions and bridge walks. Councillor Maureen Nathan, who is currently in France is inspecting old bridges has observed that old bridges been retained for use by communities for a wide range of uses. One bridge in particular is similar to the Clyde river bridge and lifts have been installed so that the elderly can gain access to the restaurant/coffee shop on top. Lifts could be installed on both sides of the bridge opening, as well as walk ways. A local bridge walk would be more than popular. Once the bridge has been demolished then it is too late for all the local residents to bemoan the demolition.

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There are some sectors of the community have indicated that the new bridge would give a modern appearance and that the existing bridge would be out of character and unattractive situated next to the new modern facility.

I believe that sectors of the community should have their say, even those who wish to express a negative view to the retention but it is now or never for the community to speak out.


Joe Smith

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