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Council seeks feedback on Advancing Eurobodalla strategy

Council is seeking feedback on a new economic growth and development strategy, Advancing Eurobodalla. The draft strategy and action plan outline how Eurobodalla can secure the right kind of economic growth and who can help achieve it. The documents were developed with input from stakeholders across local industries and the NSW and Australian Governments.

The action plan looks at practical ways to stimulate the economy - everything from enabling B-double heavy vehicle access to pursuing relocation of government departments. "This draft Integrated Economic Growth and Development Strategy is a comprehensive plan and set of actions for government, Council, businesses and our community that aims to ensure a productive and prosperous future for Eurobodalla." Mayor Liz Innes The report states: Tourism is and will continue to be the driving force of the Eurobodalla economy. The health care and social assistance sector is also important for Eurobodalla in terms of both employment and the services it provides to the community. The education and training sector will need to grow and adapt to ensure the workforce has the required skills as the economy grows. The internet and telecommunications technologies, particularly reliable and fast broadband, are critically important in laying the foundations for a more diverse economy for Eurobodalla, for two key reasons. Firstly, to assist in leveraging existing sectors and businesses such as tourism and its marketing and systems. Secondly, as a foundation for future business development in such areas as professional services, new media and creative production.

You can have your say by Friday 4 August. To make a submission during the exhibition period, you can: write a letter addressed to:The General Manager PO Box 99 Moruya NSW 2537 email: or use the online feedback form

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