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Become a Fishcare Volunteer

Last weekend three members of the Tuross Head Fishing Club (THFC) attended a DPI Fisheries training course near Maitland to become Fishcare Volunteer’s. THFC now have a total of four Volunteer’s.

You can become a Fishcare Volunteer if you have an interest in fish, fishing and the conservation of our fish resources and habitat and you are 18 years or over. Volunteers range in age from students to retirees, and come from a great range of backgrounds and are expected to give approximately one day per month to assist with the program.

Volunteers are involved in helping create better awareness among anglers and the wider community about fishing issues, but there are no enforcement powers. All volunteers are issued with clear identification as well as a distinctive hat, shirt and backpack containing the necessary documentation.

If anybody is interested in this program please speak to Mike, Regina, Merv or Max at the Tuross Head Fishing Club ( https://www.turossheadfishingclub.org/get-in-touch/) or contact the DPI Fisheries Education Officer Steven Thurstan (stephen.thurstan@dpi.nsw.gov.au ) or check out the following web site: http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/fishing/recreational/resources/fishcare-volunteers to learn more about the program.

Good fishing everybody!

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