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Are you a tree flusher?

Are you a tree flusher? Every year, thousands of trees are used to make toilet paper.

Join the growing number of people that are saving wildlife with every flush by switching to recycled toilet paper.

Easy to find and great to use, recycled toilet paper is available in all major supermarkets and in Eurobodalla’s speciality grocers and other environment-friendly stores.

Council’s natural resource officer Courtney Fink said people often ask the environment team for simple tips to be more environmentally conscious around the home.

“Buying recycled toilet paper is one of our go-to solutions,” she said.

“There’s no inconvenience, no extra work, and the only habit you need to change is the choice you make when you buy your toilet paper.

“Regular toilet paper is made from virgin fibres, whereas recycled toilet paper is from 100 per cent post-consumer waste, such as textbooks and office paper.

“All trees have an ecological value; some provide habitat for wildlife, they protect soil from erosion and they keep our air clean.

“Our environment is much healthier with trees in the ground rather than down the toilet.”

Courtney says Council’s environment team love the Zoos Victoria Wipe for Wildlife campaign.

“They’re calling on people to make their homes and workplaces a Wipe for Wildlife zone by switching to recycled toilet paper.”

Visit for Wipe for Wildlife posters and other resources. Media Release

Editors Note: Who Gives A Crap brings in a wonderful dose of much-needed humor into a small sector of the market. It takes something we generally don’t like to see or look at for a long time and turns it into something fun, enjoyable, and even interesting to interact with and move around. The charitable work the company does adds to appeal, making it a choice for toilet paper that is new, intriguing to look at, and benefits those in need. And it is soft on your bum.

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