They just don't get it. Half measures just aren't good enough and the job give hasn't be

Council adopted the following motion. It required a very well defined action. Get all the people listed into a room AT THE SAME TIME with ALL the Councilors and relevant staff and DISCUSS the longer term plans for the future redevelopment of the Princes Highway and Kings Highway to meet the medium and long term needs. Here it is in black and white ..... but have Council staff organised that meeting. NO.

Instead of doing what they were told to do they decided that they knew best and did whatever they wanted to instead. They have now hotch potched together a letter (below) that implies it is all done and dusted, job done, tick that off ..... identifying a few door stop handshake occasions that had no agenda, no in depth discussion, did not include most of the councillors and left no paper trail ,any commitment or followup. They even knocked up a Submission report to send off to the Federal and State Governments outlining what they (the staff) think the future considerations should be and didn't bother to consult with local business, the local community or even with the councillors who didn't see the submission before it was posted off let alone endorse it. And don't expect to read the submission because it hasn't been released for public consumption, let alone public opinion. (a leaked copy is HERE) Why we even bother having Councillors is anybodies guess. Below is the formal advice dated July 7th from Council saying that no further action is required: Further to the Council Resolution NOM17/002 (Council Meeting 14 February 2017), Council wrote to the Hon Andrew Constance MP requesting a meeting with Ministers Hon John Barilaro MP, in his capacity as Deputy Premier, Minister for Regional NSW and Member for Monaro, Hon Melinda Pavey MP, Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight and the Hon Bronwyn Taylor MLC, in her capacity as Parliamentary Secretary for Deputy Premier and Southern NSW, on 21 February 2017. Subsequently, a meeting was arranged with the Hon Melinda Pavey MP and Hon Andrew Constance MP on 3 March 2017. Councillor Phil Constable presented to the two Ministers at this meeting, to inform them of the importance of the highway transport corridors to the Eurobodalla. The Hon John Barilaro MP was due to meet with Council on 3 April 2017. This meeting was cancelled by Minister Barilaro’s office due to other commitments. The Hon.Bronwyn Taylor attended a meeting at Council on 21 April 2017. The issues identified in Council’s resolution were discussed at these meetings. Separately, Council has continued to advocate for improvements to the Kings Highway and Princes Highways via direct contact with Andrew Constance MP, Lt General Ken Gillespie (Regional Infrastructure Coordinator); Ms Renae Elrington Regional Manager RMS Wollongong; Transport for NSW; and through attendance at the NSW Local Roads Congress and South East Australian Transport Strategy Inc (SEATS). We are grateful to SEATS for its support of Council by writing to the relevant Ministers to highlight our needs.


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