Maybe the Council belt needs tightening instead of replacing with a bigger one

Dear Beagle Editor,

We are now just over halfway through the year entering a new financial year, thanks to our politicians and councillors are about to be burdened with rising costs of essential commodities. Our politicians and local councillors have supported budgets that include mechanisms and formulas to increase revenue streams and salary package benefits for themselves at the expense of the general community. Who knows how they think the ordinary citizen is supposed to keep up with the ever increasing prices of things they support in budgets . But it's about time they all started to live in the real world and understood the meaning of genuine work and having to go without. At a time when our money is getting tighter it might be time that they offered some appreciation that not everyone gets a pay rise. Up went all the fees but there isn't much said about what savings are being made other than installing LED street lights and buying some solar panels.

Allan Brown


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