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Bega Valley Shire Council - Credit where credit due on Operational Plan & Budget

Dear Beagle Readers, The Bega Valley Shire Residents & Ratepayers Association (BVSRRA) extends its congratulations to the elected council of the Bega Valley Shire for their strong action at today’s ordinary meeting of council in making significant changes to curtail expenditure in the proposed 2017-2018 Operational Plan & Budget, while also ensuring that community services will not be impacted.

The association was particularly impressed with the collective approach evidenced by councillors in their deliberations & their obvious commitment to acting in the best interests of residents & ratepayers by refusing to impose unnecessary & unfair increases in charges on the community, in particular in respect of sewerage charges & charges related to the use of community facilities.

At the same time, the association was also most impressed with the leadership displayed by individual councillors in contributing to the discussion, in particular Clrs McBain, Bain, Allen, Nadin & Fitzpatrick.

While the association will follow-up on the detailed effect of the many agreed amendments to the original draft budget to fully assess their impact, it believes that the majority of councillors today demonstrated a real willingness to act responsibly in addressing the shire’s financial challenges & for that the association applauds them.

And, in a most impressive demonstration of genuine leadership, having imposed real but responsible fiscal restraint on council, councillors imposed the same restraint on themselves by resolving not to accept an increase in their own allowances.

The association trusts that today’s confident performance will be the first of many & that councillors will now work together to bring about the necessary larger reform of council’s management culture.

John Richardson


Bega Valley Shire Residents & Ratepayers Association Editors Note: Eurobodalla Councillors on Tuesday voted unanimously, when put, without discussion, question or debate, the Remuneration Tribunal’s determination of a 2.5% increase in fees for Councillors and the additional Mayoral allowance noting that that the maximum fees for Regional Rural councils for 2017-18, including the full Tribunal determination, are set at $19,310 for Councillors and $42,120 for the additional Mayoral allowance.

Above: Looking through the fence to Bega Valley Shire

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