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Long Beach Community - Celebrating the Past and Present

The Long Beach community held a celebration of "Long Beach – Past and Present" on Sunday 11th June, 2017. The day was also a celebration of the Long Beach Community Association celebrating its 10 year anniversary “To celebrate the event, we wanted to put the spotlight on interesting events of the past, but also things about Long Beach currently valued and loved by the community” said LBCA president, Colleen Krestensen. The day kicked off with a Long Beach Paws Walk for local dogs and their owners on the western end of the beach and the local Fire Brigade arrived at lunchtime to sell sausage sandwiches and show off their fire truck to the kids. Long Beach then became the ‘Domain of the South’ as soap box guests and local speakers recounting stories of Long Beach as it was ,

Some of the many photos that made an appearance in the Long Beach Association social media pages

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