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4G mobile phone towers are interfering with digital TV

Neale Oxley, The Antenna Guy has identified that recent upgrades to 4G towers are now messing with digital TV reception. Neale advises that before you do anything drastic to have a read of the following Since the Mobile and data systems have taken over what was once the upper UHF TV band, there is an increase in interference to the Digital TV in areas close to these towers. If you're experiencing pixelation of channels lately, you need a LTE filter to get rid of this. A 4G-LTE filter is a low-pass filter, to be used in DTT-reception installations (Digital terrestrial television ) if one wants to keep the old UHF TV antenna, previously installed, without the risk of interferences caused by the recently updated 4G-LTE transmitters, the latest standard generation of cellphones. (source) Other options are a new antenna with built-in LTE filter or a newer booster that is now designed for the lower bands that TV is now on. Tuross, Narooma, Morya and Batemans Bay have had increased traffic and expansion on these towers so please be aware of this if you and your neighbours have had this interference in the last month.

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