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NSW Govt response to the inquiry into Crown Lands NSW

Once upon a time the only way that residents and ratepayers might be kept abreast of changes in legislation and responses to inquiries, such as the recent inquiry into Crown Lands in NSW would be to request it from a relevant authority, if they knew such an inquiry was held and report written. Now, via the internet, we can learn in thrice not only the essence of the inquiry but also the position of the Minister in terms of support or support in principle. This document, dated April 13th, 2017 probably hasn't yet been availed to our Councillors and may not even be at hand to Council staff. To keen Crown Land watchers this document will be of considerable interest in ongoing discussions with Council about HuntFest and about how Council will manage Crown and community lands that time, including future transferred Crown lands under Local Government administration.

Click here for full response and the recommendations that are supported or supported in principle

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