BBay BMXers do us proud at Manning Valley

What an awesome day of racing! 👊🏻 Super proud of our riders' efforts as always - there's some tough competition out there! Thanks to Manning Valley BMX Club for a great weekend! 7 BOYS SPROCKETS Jonny Andrews Lachy Batistic

Above: 8 Boys Final - 2017 Manning Valley BMX Open

8 BOYS Harvey D'Evelynes - Semi Finals Riley Newell - Semi Finals Jaxon Pinder - 8th in Finals

9 BOYS Hayden Fairweather - Motos

9 GIRLS Stella Andrews - 6th in Finals

Above: Stella's Final

10 BOYS Max Andrews - Motos Shannon Batistic - Motos

8-10 BOYS CRUISER Max Andrews - 8th in Finals Shannon Batistic - 5th in Finals

11 BOYS Travis Fairweather - Semi Finals Ralph Halton - Motos

11 GIRLS Jade Crouch - 5th in Finals

Above: Jade's Final

12 BOYS Kyle Young - Motos 16 GIRLS Leah Hearne - 1st in Finals

17-24 WOMENS CRUISER Leah Hearne - 1st in Finals

25-29 MEN Kane West - Motos

35-39 WOMENS CRUISER Kate Halton - 4th in Finals

Click on the above for larger and slideshow and HERE for more photos

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