Communication and local council - a message from Clr McGinlay

Hi good people, It has been an informative journey reading the Beagle's political and opinion posts since I became a Councillor. I have seen informed and valuable contributions, people just venting, and some total pish. Regardless; Given the almost total disregard of council matters in the local print media, I believe there is a gap in information being filled via this news/opinion media outlet. The problem I, and other Councillors, (I imagine,) who read the posts (some just refuse to) as always, is separating the real issues that have community concern and back-up and support for, from isolated attention seeking individuals seeking notoriety. It does not help me (or I guess other Councillors) to discern what issue to focus my time on, when some contributors have an opinion which is absolutely right on absolutely every single issue that ever comes up ! So here is my suggestion: People have a great platform via The Beagle (and local papers, should they decide to get back into being politically aware) to express views on how Council works, how it responds, how it makes decisions....please don't bury the positive suggestions under a plethora of spam posts 'must say something' stuff, by the same repetitive voices. Please pick your issues, provide some facts or a reasoned ideological or principle-based perspective, otherwise your voice gets lost in my mind as "oh just her/him again...making a noise". And that would be a pity as there is much informed info coming from the community that I do not necessarily hear from council staff, that I greatly value. As an aside I'd like other Councillors to engage with this medium too. As a rule of thumb I won't respond to articles, opinions, etc...unless they are non-political as I have my medium for expression thanks to some of you, in Council Chambers. Cheers. Pat McGinlay

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