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Bay business activity booms

Bay business activity booms

A recent audit of Eurobodalla business activity shows the number of businesses in the shire’s commercial and industrial centres has grown significantly over the past six years.

Seventy-three more businesses are operating in Eurobodalla commercial centres and 56 more in industrial areas since 2010, totalling 788 in commercial zones and 332 in industrial zones.

The bulk of new businesses are in Batemans Bay and Moruya town centres and the Batemans Bay and North Moruya industrial estates.

Coupled with last week’s news that Batemans Bay ranks as Australia’s third best prospect for property value growth over the next eight years, Mayor Liz Innes said more businesses and the trend toward fewer vacant shops was excellent news for the Eurobodalla economy.

“The audit results are a positive sign for business growth and provide valuable evidence to support our planning for future business needs,” she said.

“For example, the audit tells us we are running out of available land for new industrial development.

“The data reinforces the need for Council to continue to plan for future employment lands so new business opportunities can be realised.”

In 2010 there were 54 vacant lots zoned for industry, or 17.8 per cent of all industrial lots. Now there are only 41, or 13.4 per cent, and at the time of the audit less than three per cent were up for sale.

Council’s director of planning and sustainability Lindsay Usher confirmed a feasibility study into potential future employment lands, including a potential expansion of the North Moruya Industrial Estate, is underway and should be complete by mid-2017.

“The audit showed vacant commercial units in Batemans Bay had decreased from 10.6 per cent in 2010 to 7.6 per cent in 2016. Combined with the recent and ongoing construction of new commercial buildings, there are positive signs for continued growth in Batemans Bay,” Mr Usher said.

“The audit results also inform our work with the community in developing a vision for the Batemans Bay town centre.”

Eurobodalla Shire Council has undertaken audits of business activity on land zoned for commercial or industrial development every three years since 2010. The audits are undertaken in the October/November period.

For more information about the employment lands audit and other economic data, visit the Development and Planning section of council’s website under the economic considerations area. Media Release

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