Australia Day awards in Eurobodalla

On Australia Day, we begin with a message from Eurobodalla Mayor Liz Innes. Have a great day, Eurobodalla!This year we are being encouraged to celebrate Australia Day, your way. We are being asked, “What does Australia Day mean to you?” and “What do you love about Australia?” This made me think of Council’s current community engagement campaign that asks the question, “What do you love about Eurobodalla?” When we take the time to think about what it is we love about our country, Australia, or our home, Eurobodalla, our answers are most likely going to indicate where we will be, what we will be doing, and who we will be with when we celebrate Australia Day. Do you love Australia because of its beaches, and Eurobodalla because it offers you 110km of coastline to enjoy? Chances are this Australia Day you will be celebrating on one of those beaches that makes you love Australia. You will be doing Australia Day, your way. Do you love Australia because of the spirit of mateship, and Eurobodalla because you are part of a friendly community? This Australia Day you will likely be laughing with neighbours or lunching with family and friends. You will be doing Australia Day, your way. This “Australia Day, your way” message is an inclusive message that respects all the diverse people that make up Australia, from our first Indigenous people, to all of Australia’s people who have migrated here from many lands. This Australia Day I freely affirm my commitment to Australia and its people. I proudly affirm my commitment to Eurobodalla and its people.Australia’s strength lies in its people. Our people have made Australia what it is today. Our people are the reason we can celebrate Australia Day our way. Whether that is cooking recipes from our family culture, riding horses with friends or camping out under the stars.Australia Day is a celebration that we have built a nation in which people can be themselves, and where we can all participate, contribute and belong as Australians. This Australia Day think about what you love about Australia, what you love about Eurobodalla. Let’s look to a bright future in which we freely celebrate what we love about our home and our country.Celebrate Australia Day, your way."

Above: A perfect Australia Day in Narooma with breakfast on the beach and the presentation of Narooma Citizen awards Photo Chris O'Brien

In Narooma: the Narooma Citizen of the Year was awarded to Adrian Cooper for his service with the Narooma RFS brigade.

The Narooma Local Legend special award was presented to Merinda Hurren

The Narooma Senior Citizen of the Year for 2017 is Ken Burke

Narooma Young Citizen of the Year for 2017 is Ashley Walpole

And the Narooma Community Event of the Year award went to the Red Poppy Ball

The Narooma Community Group of the Year went to the Narooma, North Narooma, Kianga and Dalmeny Landcare Group

The Narooma Sporting Hero award for 2017 goes to to Wade Mongta, our now very famous New York City Marathon runner from Bodalla.

The 2017 Rotary Tertiary Scholarship award goes to Sabine Kildea.

In Moruya: Citizen of the Year award in the Moruya District went jointly to: Mrs Kathleen Smith, Secretary and Mrs Christine Smith, Treasurer of the Moruya and District Hospital Auxiliary In their nomination it read: "These to ladies have worked together for several years. Kathleen is Secretary and Assistant Treasurer, Christine is Treasurer and Assistant Secretary. They are generally recognised as the driving force behind a very active and very successful Auxiliary. Their work can be seen in virtually every fund raising effort. In a typical year this would include three street stalls, three major raffles, an Open Garden weekend, a Trivia night, weekly Bingo sessions at the Bowling Club and an annual Book Fair. This year they organised their once in three years district wide letter box drop. The Auxiliary also services and collects money from the vending machines at the hospital. Each of these activities demands hours of planning and execution. Neither lady keeps a record of the time spent, but a sensible guess would be that each of them over a year works the equivalent of several weeks of full time work. Each year the Hospital and Community Health Centre submit a "wish list" of equipment they would like the Auxiliary to supply. The last three financial years have seen purchases to meet these needs" Over 10 years the Moruya Hospital Auxiliary has raised $1.4million.This is an extraordinary achievement for a country hospital auxiliary. In their award speech this morning that the Moruya Hospital Auxiliary has rated in the top 5 hospital auxiliaries across NSW for some years now.

Above: Mrs Christine Smith,Treasurer (Left) and Mrs Kathleen Smith, Secretary of the Moruya and District Hospital Auxiliary

The Beagle pays its respects to our indigenous readers and community with "Hate He Said", a poem by Steven Oliver.

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