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An update on the Wimbie Beach Headland Fire

An update on the Wimbie Beach Headland Fire by Eurobodalla Rural Fire Service Tuesday, 24th January 2017.

Crews will be continuing to work on the Wimbie Beach Headland fire today and although there is no immediate threat to property residents and visitors to the area are advised to stay aware of the situation.

The fire is on the Headland to the south of Wimbie Beach and north of Denise Dve, and between George Bass Dve and the coast.

Crews first attended the fire on Saturday and returned to deal with new outbreaks during Monday. The cause of the fire and subsequent outbreaks is unknown and Police are investigating. Anyone who may have information that may assist with these inquiries should contact Police.

In addition to fire fighting crews and appliances it has been necessary to engage aircraft and heavy machinery to help contain this fire. These activities may still be required throughout Tuesday 24th January. People in the area should remain aware of this activity and stay clear of the fire ground. There are many weakened trees on the fireground and we recommend that people stay well clear of the area for their own safety.

A combination of natural barriers and constructed control lines have provided effective containment of this fire, however, there may still be flare ups within this area over coming days. Crews will be on site to patrol the containment lines and to mop up and black out where it is safe to do so.

Whilst we have managed to contain this fire it is important to remember that we are still in the midst of a challenging fire season and the Rural Fire Service urges all residents to carefully consider their level of preparation and ensure they have a well considered plan for themselves and their property.

Above: Image shared from Surf Beach Rural Fire Brigade Facebook page

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