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Wimbie Beach headland fire

Surf Beach Rural Fire Brigade report: Surf Beach Brigade called out this afternoon to reports of smoke coming from the Wimbie Beach Headland area. Upon arrival the crews in our Cat 9 & Cat 1 found a fire well alight at the end of the headland and also a smaller fire closer to the Beach area. Additional crews were called from Malua Bay & Batemans Bay Brigades. Crews were able to contain and extinguish the fire burning towards George Bass Drive, but were unable to gain access to the fire in the cliff face due to the steep terrain. Air assistance was sought and Helitak 267 which is stationed nearby was able to assist with bucketing the inaccessible parts. Many thanks to crews of Malua Bay & Batemans Bay Brigades and the crew of Helitak 267.

Photos shared by Surf Beach Rural Fire Brigade

Above: Photos shared from the Surf Beach Rural Fire Brigade Facebook page

Editors Note: Though every day should be ‘Thank You Fireys’ day don't forget that Feb 28th is Red Ballon Day. This event has been created to honour and thank our brave and courageous fire fighters Australia wide. All profits from the sale of ‘Thank you Fireys’© merchandise will go back to fire services in each state or territory. So think about supporting our fireys via the National Red Ballon Day or better still wander in to your local Bushfire shed and give them a donation and see if there is anything you can do to help out.

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