2017? As plastic free as we can be?

Eurobodalla Shire Council put out a calendar called "2016 As plastic free as we can be." Councillor Anthony Mayne has written in his recent blog "What a challenge! Can it be done? Eurobodalla Shire Council put out a calendar called "2016 As plastic free as we can be." Each month shows a painting contributed by a Eurobodalla primary school. "Sunshine Bay Public School wrote for August "Sea should be plastic free." "Council is a member of Keep NSW Beautiful www.knswb.org.au/ " "Tourism and great beaches are so important to the South Coast." We can't take that for granted. Good on Tangaroa Blue and Eurobodalla Shire Council for your efforts to date as the impact of plastics on birds and marine life can be devastating." Anthony continued, "That said it, great news to see South Broulee Beach in Eurobodalla voted as one of Australia's top 101 beaches. Celebrating our unspolit nature coast". Clr Mayne wants to address the problems we have with plastics in the Eurobodalla. He would like to remove plastics from the shoreline and from the tip face. Clr Mayne is quite clear that this is not simply an environmental issue. He recognises that Council has at its core the Three R's of Rates, Roads and Rubbish and as such any reduction of rubbish, especially plastics, from the tip face or via our recycling efforts makes good business sense for ratepayers. Removing plastic waste from environmental litter from parks, reserves and roadsides also reduces costs and presents the image that residents and visitors want to see when they venture around the shire. To begin the conversation Clr Mayne wants to consult with the Council to determine what might be possible under policies and initiatives as well as consulting with his fellow Councillors. He will then begin the process of seeking the views of shire retailers, big and small, and the wider community to beginning the process of understanding what is achievable to lessen the impact of plastic in our shire. He asks " What do you think? As a community what can we do together to reduce plastics, protect our marine and bird life, keep our beaches clean for us & and our visitors?" You can pass your thoughts on to Clr Mayne via his mail or email address Councillor Anthony Mayne (Deputy Mayor) PO Box 99 Moruya NSW 2537 or clranthony.mayne@esc.nsw.gov.au

Above: the plastic detritus retrieved from a beach stroll along Broulee Beach

Half of all the plastic produced are single-use items that are used just once then thrown away. The 1 million Women organisation are saying NO to the four items below. Maybe you might like to join them?

Artwok by Freshcoat Creative

Above: Artwork via Freshcoat Creative and republished with kind permission

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