Time to reveal agendas and goals

The Editor

In a couple of weeks time it will be 5 months since the last Council Election which resulted in a majority change of Councillors. Six completely new individuals to council, to ratepayers and residents, and to business in the Eurobodalla Shire, were elected. They’ve now completed their initiation courses run by Government Officials that dictate how they are expected to perform and co operate with Government Rules and Public servants while carrying out the expectations of the shire electors – the residents.

The councillors campaigned to represent and respond to the shires residents on a variety of matters. Many nominated for election with expectations of being productive in their own ways; to bring change; and not be controlled by state government policy, rules and other regulations How do they now think they will be productive for the benefit of the shire’s residents? Some have already offered Questions on Notice and have called for transparency. Can our Councillors explain the agendas they will be driving?

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