Opening the cracks so some light gets in

The Editor

Councillors briefings are not usually "open" to the general public. During the Bay’s Pay Parking discussion in Council at its last meeting the community of the shire were given a rare insight into what is discussed behind closed doors, made available to Councilors and not mentioned in reports. Councilor McGinlay asked that the figures provided to Councilors of the financial returns and breakdowns be "tabled" so that the community was able to see there was no financial benefit to the shire’s residents and ratepayers by retaining pay parking in Batemans Bay. Why the vote on the matter finished up split 5-4 is a bit odd, isn’t it?

One has to begin to question other fees and charges imposed on the shires residents by Council on this basis. Are councillors being provided with complete reports and briefings that would allow them to make correct decisions on behalf of the shire's community now after what occurred with the Pay Parking Fiasco?

Allan Brown

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