Council wants to know "What do you love about Eurobodalla?"

Council wants to know "What do you love about Eurobodalla?"

Council is working with the community to review a shared vision for the future and update the Community Strategic Plan.

This plan identifies the future priorities for the whole community, and how Council and the community can work together to achieve our shared vision. To help Council determine a shared vision, they invite you to tell them what's important to you now, how we got here, and where we go from here.

Not sure where to start? They suggest that you take a look at their document "Eurobodalla: Our Story" for some inspiration saying; "It has easy-to-read infographics about what's going on in Eurobodalla right now, and can get you thinking about what's important to you"

Council invites the Eurobodalla community to do this quick seven question survey. 1. How would you describe Eurobodalla to someone visiting for the first time? The Beagles response: "A very pleasant natural area that has a small population, is somewhat isolated and is on the cusp of either compromising itself with poor planning or capable of being a place where community, investment and environment can co-exist equally." 2. What would you like to be saying about Eurobodalla in two to five years' time? The Beagles response: That it has evolved politically to be more open to its community and more truthful and that the community has also evolved to be more interactive and participatory of its own future. 3. What issues are you worried about for Eurobodalla's future? The Beagles response: "The growth in under-employment that sees families moving away. A stimulation of population mass is critical to growth of a region however equally the retention of the existing population is critical to sustaining existing employment. Council also has to be mindful of its demographic and realise that it can not continue to put up rates rather than truely and very transparently tightening its belt . Council must develop an "Us and Us" mentality and get rid of the "Us and Them" . They work for the community, are paid by the community and , as such, answer to the community. 4. What is your vision for Eurobodalla? The Beagles response: "It becomes a region that has a reputation for respect of civic values and a place that has a Can Do attitude where Council offers guidance to achieve results rather than continually saying it has no budget. Many good things require no budget, just a mind shift." 5. How can Council help deliver this vision? The Beagles response: "By becoming less faceless - by putting the policies and legislation aside for a minute and thinking outside of the box. Most policy and legislation is handed down from the State - Council can, rather than kowtow, challenge. If State carte-blanche policy created for metropolitan controls impacts on regional NSW and Eurobodalla the Council must step up and represent its community and say NO." 6. Optional: do you live in Eurobodalla? Yes ! 7. Optional: would you like to come to a one-day forum with Council and other community members to help review the Community Strategic Plan? Yes or No ... Yes The above are The Beagle answers to the seven questions - what would you answers be? Fill in the quick survey and tell Council what you think. All the responses will be collated and tabled for Councillors to read so here is a great way to have your say.

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