Pay Parking in BBay - some history

Dear Editor Pay-parking in Batemans Bay was really all about revenue raising to top up reducing other income streams, initially. If the numbers are looked at properly with administration costs, rangers council vehicle use etc. it is likely a loss would be the end result over the total period pay parking has been in place. The argument could be the Shires ratepayers and residents, as well as businesses, have already paid for and supplied parking areas all over the shire via development fees and rates. Pay-parking is really a case of paying for something already paid for a second time. If pay parking is going to be removed then all pay parking should be removed – Perry St as well. Timed parking zones and foot sloggers should be used.

Because of the increase numbers of fee parking spots being created by the owners of the big shopping precincts in Batemans Bay the businesses with pay parking out side them are at a disadvantage – or being discriminated against. The original pay-parking spiel was about about raising funds to build a multi level car park in Batemans Bay, the street maintenance etc. The bullsh*t came later when it was decided a multi level car park wouldn’t be happening because of the car parks that had now been provided by, what was then, the Stocklands Mall development now the Village Centre. What occurred in relation to the Bay's pay-parking arrangements has favoured the mall development.

The report in Councils upcoming meeting Agenda for December 13th does not reflect the historic facts. Allan Brown Catalina

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