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When will the last section of the Coila Foreshore shared pathway be completed?

When will the last section of the Coila Foreshore shared pathway be completed?

Many residents have asked this question over the years to hear Council reply “That section of the cycleway will be paid for by the developer of the Anderson Avenue land when that subdivision goes ahead. Council is adamant that it should be the developer who pays for this last remaining section and that the section of cycleway will be on land donated by the developer that runs adjacent to proposed back fences.

There are many who believe it will be a long time before that subdivision goes ahead.

Other strongly believe it is an unjust burden o place on a developer of donating and building a community cycleway on their land.

The bottom line is that the section of cycleway between Anderson Avenue and the Coila Avenue Bridge remains gravel and narrow and not at all pleasant a route for motorised wheel. The Eurobodalla Shared Pathway Strategy is currently under review. As with all of Council‘s Strategies, this strategy is required to be reviewed within 5 years of its adoption by Council and the current one has since closed having sought public submissions.

Since 2010 there has been a greater use of Tuross footpaths by ̳scooters‘ which are becoming increasingly popular with our elderly and visitors. To accommodate the use by scooters, Council increased the nominal width of footpaths to 1.5m some years ago.

A motorised wheelchair/scooter user is encouraged to plan a route that allows access to a footpath for the entire journey and to avoid roads. They are advised that, if forced to use roads, travel on quieter streets.

While the gravel path adjacent to Coila Lake remains gravel “awaiting a developer” the Tuross community waits and perseveres with a narrow, windy gravel track that is NOT suitable for prams, scooters or motorised wheelchairs.

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