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Your Up to Date Fishing report from the team at Tackle World Moruya

Moruya River. Glimpses of improvement this week in the Moruya system. There have been good numbers of estuary perch down around the Preddy’s wharf after dark this last week with the chance of a flathead or two also thrown in. Try the new Daiwa Bait Junkie soft plastics in the 2.5” grub or minnow for a good chance at finding an EP or two. Around the airport flats, there have again been a few nice flathead caught. Live nippers for those who prefer a more relaxed stationary style of fishing are working well, as are plastics and hard body lures for the more active angler. Further upstream, the flats around the bridge are worth a look both with live nippers and artificial lures. A high tide after dark off the bridge can produce good numbers of estuary perch, bream, whiting and flathead. Even further up, the holes on front of the hospital should also be starting to hold Estuary perch and bream again.

Tuross River. Good numbers of estuary perch have been reported by several of the local kids, who have been having a great time catching them on the new Daiwa Bait Junkie soft plastics. They have been catching them in the middle of the day after a morning spent sitting exams. So I would be starting here if you are looking for a bit of fun. The flats around potato point have seen an increase in flathead activity as the water temps start to nudge up. Expect to see a few bream and whiting as the temps start to rise. Realistically though, we are still a few weeks off them really starting to fire.

Rock and beach. There have been good reports of salmon on the beaches this week, as well as a few bream and whiting for those willing to spend the time finding live worms or pipis. A light running sinker rig fished in close will find a few of these fish. Long casts aren’t required if you can find a nice gutter at your feet. The breakwall at Moruya has had patchy reports this week, with some anglers finding fish, while others have struggled.

Offshore. Good numbers of both flathead and snapper have been reported this week, with most of the fish coming out of 30-40m of water. There has been a definite bias towards flathead being the main species caught, with only a few snapper mixed in with the majority of catches.

As we get closer to the end of the year, new gear is starting is filter into the shop. Come in and check out the new season gear. Most prominent has been the new range of Daiwa Bait Junkie soft plastics.

New rods from Shimano are also starting to drop in store. So if you are interested in the new season stock, drop in and pay us a visit.

Stay safe everyone, and remember “every days a good day for fishing....”

Team Tackle World Moruya.