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Your up to date fishing report from TackleWorld Moruya

Moruya river. The fishing in Moruya this week has been consistently good, with flathead, trevally bream and the odd whiting being taken on a selection of baits and artificial lures. Again down around Preddy’s wharf trevally and bream have been the most consistent captures. While the airport flats and channels have been holding good numbers of flathead. The area from the anchorage up to Ryan’s creek has seen a good numbers of bream taken both around the oyster covered boulders and on the sand flats on a rising tide. Cast and retrieved hard body lures and soft plastics have accounted for a fair share of these fish, with the odd flathead also mixed in amongst them. From the bridge up, good numbers of trevally, bream, flathead and whiting have been found on the shallower sand flats right up past the hospital. The nipper beds around the Garlandtown flats have been very heavily pumped this season, and as a result, the nippers are starting to be very hard to find! This will improve over the next few months as pressure eases and the nipper stocks can replenish. So in the mean time, maybe giving the Garlandtown flats a rest would be a good idea.

Tuross river. Plenty of really good sized flathead coming from Tuross this last week, as again it keeps its title as the south coast premier flathead system. Diawa Double clutch lures, soft plastics and live poddy mullet were a few of the options to get connected to a big lizard this last week. As the system again starts to fire, try the myriad of flats that Tuross has to find a big flathead. Concentrate your efforts if lure casting around the sand/weed edges, where flathead like to lay in ambush for unsuspecting bait fish or prawns. Further upstream around four ways, good numbers of bream and whiting have been encountered. Again lures and baits are both working well. The mud crabs continue to make themselves a tasty capture to those dropping pots this week. Try around creek mouths, mangrove and siltier bottomed sections of the back channels for a good chance at finding a few crabs.

Rock and beach. After the blow and subsequent swells of last weekend, the beaches are firing again, with good mixed bags of salmon, bream, whiting and the odd shark. Live beach worms are the gun bait when chasing anything off the beach, from whiting through to the mighty mulloway. Pilchards on gang hooks and surf rigs will account for their fair share of fish also. Moruya breakwall has continues to see good action, with salmon, Trevally, bream and flathead all featuring in captures this last week.

Offshore. The flathead continue to feature heavily in offshore captures with the 50m mark producing a much better sized fish than closer in shore. The snapper are there, but are hiding in deeper water, as the temperature rises. There have been good reports of gummies, but alas no Kingfish to report of as yet.

As we are looking at another weekend of wet weather (of course it’s going to be wet, I’m on holidays!), I hope you have a great weekend and following week getting into some fish. Who knows I might even see you out on the water somewhere.

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Stay safe everyone and remember, “every days is a good day for fishing...”

Team Tackle World Moruya.