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Will Surf Beach be one of the three worst in the state for 2020-2021

The Beagle Editor, My usual beach for a swim was Surf Beach until a few years ago when the Beach Watch Results. Last year the NSW State of the beaches 2019–2020 report identified three ocean beaches were graded as Poor • Swansea Heads Little Beach in the Hunter • Malabar Beach in Sydney • Surf Beach on the South Coast. In that report it said: "Surf Beach was graded Poor, a similar result to the previous year. The microbial water quality at Surf Beach has been close to the threshold between Good and Poor for several years. In the last two years, the water quality has continued to decline, and it is often impacted during dry weather and after rainfall." When I looked at the Council website last week it gave a glowing report for Surf Beach

"Hooray" I said. And instead of driving to Malua Bay I returned to my beloved beach. "Thanks Council, looks like you have finally done something about Wimbie Creek" But yesterday I went for a walk down the road to Wimbie and found this sign.

Looks like Council haven't done anything at all about Wimbie Creek at all. The stench and the slime is bad enough. But the algae on the surface is even more worrying. The next rain and it all goes into the sea. Sorry Council. Not good enough at all. The next State of the Beaches report is due out in September. Will Surf Beach be one of the three worst in the state again? yours Billabong Bob (name and address supplied)