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Where's my egg hunt?

As at 12:01 on April 1st 2021 the following was revealed as an April FoolsDay article. Much to the disappointment of many in the community who believed that Council had changed its ways. In a media release issued today the Eurobodalla Council have advised that they will be turning over a new leaf and will be, as of April 1st 2021, more transparent and open. The release admitted that in the past they have been very poor at communication and have even manipulated and shut down the lines of communication between Council and the public by way of removing live streaming of Public Forum and decimation of Public Access whilst adding further intimidatory hurdles to the processes that require submission a full 24 hours before. Contacting one of the Councillors who had voted in these draconian changes to Council's Code of Meeting Practice it was admitted to The Beagle the "we really cocked that up, didn't we". Council have admitted that they over used the excuse of "Commercial in Confidence" in their dealings with the public whenever financial scrutiny of processes was requested. Council has also admitted that they have used threats of legal action to thwart and even threaten ratepayers and councillors knowing that in most instances they can get away with it. While they now apologise for doing so they will not be revealing the costs of their actions that have seen them lose successive cases that have been challenged in the courts in recent times. Contacting another of the Councillors who had delegated authority for such legal endeavours it was admitted to The Beagle that "we really cocked that up, didn't we". While their admissions of bullying, harassment, intimidation, sheer bloody mindedness might indicate they are ready to embrace a new day the community remain cautious that it may be an electioneering ploy by way of an apology for the failures of the last four and a half years to represent the community. We will see. In the meantime the community is invited this morning to an egg hunt on the front lawns of Council.