Where is the Leadership?

The Beagle Editor, Where is the Leadership?

Prior to the last State election and on the 21st of August, Andrew Constance, our local State MP declared that a new level four hospital would be built in the Eurobodalla Shire and the State Government allocated $150 million for the build. This was all achieved through the efforts of Dr Michael Holland and the community by petitioning the State government and Andrew Constance. Council did not involve themselves in the process probably thinking it was best left to the experts who did know what they were doing (Dr Holland and Community).

This funding is in the State budget and is due for release by 2023. There is also a pre-election promise from federal government who would provide funding for a radiation oncology service.

When asked about progress Mr Constance and involved bureaucrats seem to have some trouble with the term “Get it done!”

Instead we hear the usual noises from Andrew Constance such as “I know everyone would like to see this hospital built next week, but that’s not how this works” (How does it work Andrew?)  and remarks such as they don’t want to make the same mistakes as were made at the Bega Hospital. Is this the best they can come up with?

For starters how about a timeline including a start and finish date? I would think most residents would like to know that ahead of any other details involving the hospital. There are templates for the type of hospital we need so how difficult would it be to tweak the template to suit the needs of the Eurobodalla?

So, where is our Eurobodalla Council in all of this? Missing in action? It’s interesting that since the State election and through the whole process with the New Hospital, councillors have sat back and let Dr Holland and the community do all the work in getting this hospital project of the ground.

So what use are you, (the council)? I would suggest you get of your backsides and do the work you were elected to. Maybe the Mayor could take the lead and actually show some true leadership. That might be asking too much because it might mean upsetting her good mate Andrew.  For those councillors who would like to speak up on this issue I suggest you do it now.  Otherwise, be prepared to go on Newstart on the 12th of September 2020. Donald Macdonald

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