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When does Liz have to give the Mayoral Car Keys back?

The Mayor receives a Mayoral car that receives Mayoral petrol, Mayoral tyres, Mayoral services to be used for Mayoral duties. For $76 a week more you can add a Mayoral towbar and attach a Mayoral horsefloat and go anywhere you like on your own petrol. You also get a Mayoral iPad, free Mayoral internet and a free phone to be used for Mayoral purposes that comes with lots of data. The bonus is that you get a new Mayoral Car when the kilometres or time dictates to get the best trade in price. All of the Mayoral Perks have to be given back when you are no longer Mayor. So when will Liz Innes give her Mayoral car back? 230 FOR WHAT PERIOD IS A MAYOR ELECTED? (2) A mayor elected by the electors holds the office of mayor for 4 years, subject to this Act. (3) The office of mayor--(a) commences on the day the person elected to the office is declared to be so elected, and (b) becomes vacant when the person's successor is declared to be elected to the office, or on the occurrence of a casual vacancy in the office. So, given that the return of postal votes closes on 17 December and that the results are due to be declared between 21 and 23 December, Innes will need to have had the car detailed, with keys of the GM's desk AS SOON AS (AT THE MOMENT, IF NOT BEFORE) THE DECLARATION IS MADE, probably 21 December, at which time the new mayor is entitled to pick them straight up and drive off!

Above: Many believe the Mayor should have given the keys back months ago as she has been absent from most of her Mayoral duties for some time. In the end even her fellow councillors baulked at accepting her apologies for being absent from briefings, public forums and Council meetings.