What do you want of a new Eurobodalla Marine Advisory Committee

Harry Watson Smith of the Batemans Bay Boaters Association posts:

A new set of Councillors and a very proactive Mayor has raised the question of the composition of the Marine Advisory Committees. A new Council Committee supported by all the Candidates. The Eurobodalla Fishing & Boating Network has discussed this and proposed the following: Introduction and Background The Eurobodalla Shire has some of the best marine resources along the NSW coast. The clear blue sea, the estuaries and river mouths are recognised as being a gateway to the treasures of the ocean and the Marine Park that fringe our shoreline. Yet the marine infrastructure to support access to this treasure has, over many years, lagged behind the quality and facilities provided by other Shire. The community and the marine users wish to change this and ensure that this asset gets the same attention and funds as other recreational precincts – bike paths and playgrounds. Funds to enhance marine infrastructure are provided from a number of sources. Boating Now is funded from boaters licences. Department of Primary Industries is a further source for recreational and camping facilities along the coast. Fishing licences contribute to improve fishing related assets and the Shire’s ratepayers contribute a very small proportion toward real marine infrastructures. This Advisory Committee will bring together the local community users, Councillors and the Council employees to facilitate the identification, prioritisation and development of project to maintain, improve and enhance the marine asset precincts for the benefit of the users and the community. Project management and fund sourcing will receive a high priority and importance in the business of the Committee. Aim To provide expert advice and local knowledge to Council relating to the marine environment and adjacent shoreline with reference to facilitating access, safety and enjoyment for the community and users. Objectives of the Committee Objectives of the Committee are: • To promote effective consultation and communication between Council, Councillors, all government bodies and the Shire's marine users • To promote and advertise this resources to attract increased usage, events and recognition to the overall benefit of the community • To promote the installation and maintenance of marina infrastructure for users to enjoy • To facilitate our community’s recreational time on and close to the water • To promote safe boating and fishing for all participants • To advocate for navigation and safety aids, facilities and installations within our recreational area • To encourage children and the less able to participate in the activities we promote • To pursue and secure the rights of our community to free and easy access to the public waters and resources of our area. Committee Composition Who should be on this Committee? Will they come from Associations or only individuals with local knowledge and the skill set to contribute? For a start it is proposed to have Two Councillors and the Director of Infrastructure or his nominee for a start. What are your suggestions? You can email your suggestions to Mayor@esc.nsw.gov.au with the subject Eurobodalla Marine Advisory Committee