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Well, we have poked the bear!

Fiona Phillips MP posts:

The jobs not done, but progress is made! With your support in writing emails, sending letters, and signing my petition… we put up a brave fight against the Morrison’s Government’s ludicrous red tape over lack of GPs in our region. Speeches from the floor of Parliament, letters to Ministers, always arguing for a reclassification to the Distribution Priority Area – making it easier for rural and regional areas across Gilmore to recruit more doctors. Well, we have poked the bear! From January 1, 2022 -> the reclassification will change, and our local GP practices can again be reaching out to overseas trained doctors who want to move to our region and practise here. I’m proud of delivering this change. I will always continue the fight to protect Medicare, to train and retain local GPs and health professionals, to ensure that people have access to the health services they need.