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Well done people

The Beagle Editor, In a recent letter to your publication I voiced concerns about the influx of people from outside the region being enticed here all for  the almighty dollar in the middle of a pandemic and also the number who were being sneaky about it in changing their licenses and addresses over to cover their tracks with my only concern being the health risk to our whole community and low and behold a number of your readers attacked as they do stating I was out of touch and alarmist even throwing in climate denialist..?...but now because of this relaxed attitude we have our own covid cluster putting our resources and our health facilities under more pressure. I have lived here long enough to get a gauge on who is local or not and on visits to Mossy Point,Tuross,Moruya Markets and supermarkets there has been obvious complete disregard for social distancing rules by outsiders and it seems absolutely no one enforcing them anyway and now this is the result. Well done people. What have you got to say now? Pete Ward Moruya