Welcome to our many new Beagle website readers

With Facebook closing down news site feeds across the country the Australian community have responded by cutting out the "middle man" and going straight to the news source. Since Facebook closed down news sites including The Beagle we have seen a wonderful spike in website visits that says, loud and clear, that locals looking for local news know exactly where to look and are bookmarking the Beagle website on their PC, tablet or phone as their local news feed. Having no paywall The Beagle is free for everyone to keep up to date, not only of critical breaking news but of the warp and weft articles that celebrate who we are and where we live. This video (below) is now across Instagram, Twitter and being widely shared across Facebook by Beagle supporters. We had bushfires, then Covid. Ours is a resilient community that has once again proven it has nous and the initiative to find solutions. Hopefully Facebook will come back as our many local community groups need to share news to keep their followers informed and engaged. I will try to keep you up to date as things change. Lei