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Welcome support from Eurobodalla Shire Council

Dear Beagle Editor, I am writing in the hope that you will publish my letter as Dr Catherine Dale said that you wouldn't. I am also rather sticking my neck out, given the current, very reasonable angst against Council regarding the clearing at Broulee. My first thought when I saw the devastation was, "What were they thinking?". However, I am also a great believer in the notion of credit where credit is due. So here goes. I am a 74 year old resident of Araluen Rd, living west of the original slip. Recently, I went to Council to ask if someone could cut the large logs in the slip to make it easier for me to walk through the slip. I have a car each side of the slip and at the time, I felt that the detour over forest roads was too long, too dangerous and too rough. My car was getting a hammering. In the course of my conversation, I burst into tears because I was being told, "No, that can't happen." After the fires, which came dangerously close to our home, four floods, Covid, the slip and having a husband with dementia, I was at my wit's end and on an emotional knife-edge. Fast forward to a meeting organised a weekend soon after with Community Services and Bushfire Recovery. Kathy Arthur, in charge of Community Services, had the good grace to say that they should have been here (up Araluen Rd) earlier (as did Catherine Dale at a later meeting, giving the community a detailed presentation about the way forward with Araluen Rd). My story had obviously stirred some hearts at Council. Kathy said that they were willing to provide a vehicle and a paid driver to come over Mt Wandera once a week, pick my husband up at 9.30am, take him to town and return him at 3.30pm. While he is in town, he attends a regular meeting, is picked up by a Community volunteer, taken to lunch and shopping. Unless you are caring for someone with dementia and living in a difficult, isolated situation, you probably can't really understand what a joy it is to have a whole day to yourself. So, many thanks and a bouquet to the Council staff. However, I will be working hard for us to get a new Council at the next election. One that puts a tight rein on Council staff and doesn't just rubber-stamp staff decisions. One that isn't in the pockets of developers. Locals need to be working hard to make sure that non-locals are registered to vote. Anne Rault Deua River Valley

Above: Eurobodalla Council's General Manager, Dr Catherine Dale met with Anne Rault recently at a public meeting.