We're now expecting a sub-optimal hospital but at least it will be a nice drive to get there

The current Eurobodalla hospital is being developed with a budget of $200 million from NSW State Government funding.

It is $60 million underfunded not taking into account tertiary health education facilities, carers’ accommodation or radiation oncology services.

We know that there are already plans to reduce beds and services to the hospital. In fact the name Eurobodalla Regional Hospital has been dropped with it being referred to as Eurobodalla Health Services. The site has been selected. A good site that is central to the Shire and hopefully quickly accessible by an improved road network. There is already considerable effort and funds being spent on making sure we can get to the new hospital faster and safer.

The new four lane Batemans Bay bridge has been built with $274 million. The $30 million roundabout south of the Bay will help those in Sunshine Bay access the new regional hospital faster. For those in the new satellite urban expansion area of Nelligen we see a new bridge is being built with $148 million.

The proposed Moruya bypass may cost at least $900 million ($90 million/km) funded 80% by Federal Government ($720 million) and 20% by State Government ($180 million). Fortunately the Transport NSW designers have chosen the most expensive option to ensure the project takes longer and thereby injects more money into the local community via jobs, rent, services, provisions and takeaways. The Orange Route is the route of choice by Transport NSW and it will provide rear door access to the new hospital rather than be the eyesore of the Purple Route between the hospital and the rolling mountains to the west. The Yellow Route ay well have saved a couple of $100 million that could provide the necessary funding for the full Eurobodalla Health Service Clinical Services Plan as well as health education facilities, carers’ accommodation and radiotherapy services. But then no-one has bothered to sit down and have a truthful, open and robust conversation about any of this. Instead it is all decided remotely in locked rooms, under signed Confidentiality Agreements. "They shall get what we give them".

Our local State and Federal representatives need to lobby the Federal Government for capital funding for the new Eurobodalla hospital. Our State member should reveal what is being decided for delivery and should explain why the region is being short funded on health and over supplied on roads with the prospect of the most expensive, longest bridge in NSW to be built to bring patients to our new sub-optimal Eurobodalla Regional First Aid clinic. South East Regional Hospital Bega was built with $187 million of which $160 million was Federal funding. Where is the Federal funding for Eurobodalla?