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Water Conservation begins at home

The Beagle Editor,

Residents of the Eurobodalla Shire are being advised to conserve water yet again. River flows have either stopped or are insufficient for regular pumping to maintain the usual daily consumption requirements at the present time. Off river water storages are not sufficient to supply the usual daily water use requirements. Exisiting and proposed holding dams will remain relatively small with not enough thought being given to future population growth when they were built. The conservation advice is a bit of a joke though when council is apparently pumping millions of litres of usable water into the ocean from the sewerage treatment plants in the shire. Water that could be used for agriculture purposes.

Councillors have been encouraged time and time again to bring the issue of effective use of this tertiary water to the chambers via a Question on Notice or a Notice of Motion yet they fail to do so. Presently the only reuse of tertiary treated water in the shire is by the Tuross Head Country Club, Moruya and Catalina who successfully negotiated with Council to use the otherwise wasted water on there golf courses. The pipeline installed at considerable expense to feed the water from the Moruya Sewerage Treatment works to the Mullenderree farmland remains unused. Why do Council continue to pay a hefty licence fee to pump this water into the sea when it could be used for more advantage by our farmers to grow crops and improve our economy?          

Allan Brown