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walawaani njindiwan (safe journeys everyone)

Eurobodalla Council have worked with Aboriginal communities and Council's Aboriginal Advisory Committee to identify new entry signage to the shire that best acknowledges traditional cultures and languages. The signs include the text "walawaani njindiwan" (which can be translated to safe journeys everyone) and includes Umbarra, the black duck Yuin totem that acknowledges the traditional owners of the land

The approved criteria for the new signs requires: • Using local quarried stone

• Using local timber species

• Turquoise colour representative or our beaches and waterways • Sweeping curve representative of our coastline, rolling hills and mountains • A laser cut pattern of Umbarra based on artwork by a Yuin artist • Local Dhurga language, walawaani njindiwan, which can be translated to ‘safe journeys everyone’ • Orange-brown colour of rusted steel which is found throughout Eurobodalla in natural stone, bark and heritage buildings • Reflective lettering to ensure they are effective at night The new signs will be steadily rolled out replacing the controversial "polystyrene pillars" that were a "Captains Call" with no consultation with either the community, the Council's own Arts committee or anyone who might claim to be an artist.

Above: We will see the end to these controversial town entry signs (that cost $118.614.80 plus installation $47,000 installed just over 4 years ago), described as a "dog's breakfast".