Virtual Fencing one step closer

Eurobodalla Councillor, Anthony Mayne is doing all he can to raise the awareness of road safety in the region. As the Chair of the Council's Traffic Committee and as a member of the South East Area Transport Strategy the councillor is well placed to lobby for initiatives that improve road safety. One area of ongoing concern is the high instance of road kill in the region. Whilst the numbers are distressing from a humane perspective there is also the reality that each encounter puts at risk the driver and passengers as they react to often dangerous impacts. But rather than simply put up the oft ignored warning signs for Kangaroos, Wombats or Koalas the councillor is inspired by the excellent results being achieved in trials elsewhere around the country of Virtual Fencing.

With his advocacy we might be one step closer in the South East with news that a test section might be trialed along the Kings Highway in Palerang Shire. The virtual fencing is based on European technology, and includes a device attached to a pole by the side of the road. The device is triggered by vehicle headlights and emits a buzzing sound and flashing light to warn nearby wildlife of approaching vehicles. Already trialed successfully in Queensland and Tasmania the Victorian Government is now considering it for their highways. The technology is not new however it does require a commitment to install and maintain. Given that the once proud, squared, vertical timber guideposts along highways have been replaced with flexible slivers that rarely stand straight any virtual fence will need to be installed on its own post adding to the cost. The suggestion has been broached with Eurobodalla Council in the past as a way to address the high volume of road kill across the shire but to date there has been little if any interest or enthusiasm. Councillor Mayne's recent efforts in advocacy to consider a trial in an adjacent council area open to installing the fencing might finally see the distressing sight of so many dead wombats on the Kings Highway between the top of the Clyde and Braidwood. Should the trial be approved and should it pass muster there is hope that virtual fencing might come to the primary regional roads in the Eurobodalla.

Above Councillor Anthony Mayne hopes to bring his report and recommendations of selective virtual fencing to Council. L to R Clr Anthony Mayne with incumbent mayor, Clr Liz Innes.