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Update regarding Nick Myhill

The family of Nick Myhill who was involved in a freak accident on Sunday the 6th of June are extremely pleased to be able to update the public on Nick’s condition.

The family say "After eight very long days in a coma, Nick woke up on Monday. "Nick is communicating well with family and medical staff. He remembers what happened to him. At this stage we still don't know what the future holds for Nick, or the extent of any permanent damage. However he is alive, awake and responsive , which is absolutely amazing considering what he has been through. "We would like to thank the media and the general public for their support and prayers for Nick and our family during this awful time. "The Gofundme effort is doing amazingly and we are so appreciative of all the donations that have been made. We are still a way from our goal amount, however the donations to this point will go a long way to helping Nick in his recovery. "We will provide further updates on Nick’s condition as we are able to in the coming weeks. For now we are enjoying having our beautiful boy back and spending as much time with him as we can, and looking forward to helping him celebrate his 19th birthday on the 27th of June, which only days ago we were not sure that he would see. Thank you to everyone for their ongoing support."

Background On Sunday 6th of June 2021, Nick (who is about to turn 19) and Matt were doing what they love. What they have done hundreds of times before. Early morning fishing off the coast of their home town Narooma. Until a freak accident changed the course of their lives forever. A whale surfaced from under the water, and landed on their boat. They had no warning and no idea the whale was nearby. Both men suffered injuries, however Nick's were severe. He went into a coma, with a broken back, and severe head injuries. Now Nick's family need help. They are having to stay hours away from their home to be with Nick. Medical expenses will be a burden to them financially. Nick comes from a family of extremely hard workers, and they have never asked anyone for help. This fund-raiser is to try and ease their stress financially at this time, so they can concentrate on Nick. Nick himself was due to start a new job this week. A close friend of Nick's mother and stepfather has set up a fundraiser to help them financially while they support Nick over the coming weeks and months. All donations made are being paid directly from Gofundme to Nick's familys chosen bank account.