Upcoming Untold Eurobodalla exhibition

Basil Sellers Exhibition Centre team hit The Bay yesterday rolling out the first stage of a paste-up series for their upcoming exhibition, 'Untold Eurobodalla' by Lee Grant and Amadis Lacheta. The stories behind these local faces will be shared in a stunning body of work that opens at the Bas on 12 Dec 2020.

What makes where we live special, and why have people chosen to settle here?

What creates culture in a place and how does our community contribute to and celebrate that unique culture?

Artists and Eurobodalla residents, Lee Grant and Amadis Lacheta have sought to find answers to these questions through their project, Untold Eurobodalla.

Ms Lacheta remarks: “Robust regional communities are diverse, creative and responsive to

change. The people living in them are multi-faceted and often have numerous talents and means of expressing those gifts that make them interesting on a personal and collective level”.

Untold Eurobodalla takes a lateral approach to examining the multitude of ways that local

residents contribute to the place they call home and shares their distinctive stories through

photography, film and the written word.

At a time of significant challenge for many people in the aftermath of the bushfires, and with the ongoing renegotiation of life due to COVID-19, reminding ourselves of what really matters, cherishing what we have and building on our strengths are vital pathways to the future.