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Tomakin Twist Tops Bowls Report

When the Bell Tolls President Steven is ready to roll!! welcoming the 20 bowlers present. Short on numbers this week as Club Mixed Pairs was being played in afternoon. Steven welcomed back Ingrid " Shorty" Blazius, I bowled against her and she hasn't lost her touch!! Congratulations to Laurie Masterson who has been selected to play in National Finals of Basketball in Tasmania. Steven called a halt whilst we were bowling to present Weekly Award to Tony " Bung" Birmingham who had gathered up all the bowls before the opposing team had finished bowling , must have been desperate to find someone Tony. Winners were those with Least Winning Ends, Leonie Cornelly and Kane Malone Runners-up, Val and Mark Toyer, Brett Keegan. Good to see Brett on the green Other winning teams, with some very close games. David Daverin and Brian Wheeler. Ingrid Blazius and Ross Miller. Beth Epplestun and Karen Signor . Kane selected Rink 5 to try for Jackpot, winning Skip Karen Signor cut the cards and came up with the Joker so four happy bowlers, well done Karen. Lucky number winners, 20 Dick "Moby" Morley, 8, Val and Mark Toyer. Don't forget Easter Sunday there will be a Barbecue breakfast.

Above: Winners, Kane Malone and Leonie Cornelly